How to Arouse Your Partner with Anal Stimulants

Sex toy anal stimulator – a product designed specifically for use during anal sex. It serves to increase the tantra benefits or the sensitivity during sexual intercourse by bringing together (contact) the walls of the anus and vagina in women, as well as stimulation of the erogenous zones of the anal area (both women and men). Therefore, doing this before childbirth is safe and isn’t a pregnancy sex myth.

Regardless of the complexity of the product and the accuracy of reproduction of the male sexual organ, all stimulators play the role of a kind of simulators, manipulations with which allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, to use them in sexual games with a partner.

Anal sex: Another very many of this phrase causes conflicting feelings. For some, it is an unusual and very pleasant sensation, often giving a powerful orgasm, and for someone – an indecent and dirty business. The negative attitude towards non-traditional types of sex, which, in particular, is anal contact, is based on the prejudice that people with certain abnormalities are involved in this. Is this really so? Of course not.

So why do you need anal sex?

First, anal stimulation gives pleasure to most men, regardless of their sexual orientation due to the peculiarities of the anatomical location of the organs of the reproductive system (the prostate is stimulated during anal contact). Many men do not confess about their desires, fearing to misunderstand on the part of their partner.

Secondly, anal stimulators like butt plug for beginners can solve the problem of the anatomical discrepancy of the sexual organs of the partners. If the partner, for example, after childbirth, has weakened the muscular wall of the vagina and during intimacy, it no longer tightly grasps the man’s penis, then both the woman and the man no longer receive the full sensation of sex. This problem is easily solved if the partners use a small anal plug during sexual intercourse. Some even prefer steel and metal, try and get one so you can share your metal butt plugs with your partner.  The stimulator inserted into the anus expands it, thereby significantly narrowing the vagina.

And, thirdly, the use of anal stimulants is simply necessary if the partners decide to have anal sex because the introduction of the penis into the anus without prior preparation (relaxation) of this area for this kind of contact can lead to very painful feelings and even injuries. All anal stimulants have devices at the base that will help you keep the product out. Anal stimulators play the role of a kind of simulators, manipulations with which allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, to use them in sexual games with a partner.

Use of anal stimulants:

Wash the stimulator with warm water and soap or treat it with a special spray for the care of sex products, avoiding moisture ingress on the electric part of the vibrator (if present). Liberally lubricate the anal stimulator with a water-based lubricant (it is advisable to use a lubricant with the addition of lidocaine to relieve pain). In order to avoid allergic and other reactions when using anal massagers, it is recommended to use a condom. Insert into the stimulator the required number of autonomous batteries (batteries). In this case, it is necessary to observe the polarity of the batteries, according to the scheme, available in the case or the remote control of the product. Regulation of the degree and frequency of vibration, the amplitude of rotation and the force of the shifting is provided by the wheels or buttons located on the built-in or on the remote control panels products. Gently insert the anal stimulator into the anus to the desired depth.

Safety Tips to Remember

A product made of any material during the first use or when it is transferred to another person must be treated with an antiseptic (for example, Miramistin, chlorhexidine or a lubricant containing these substances) and washed with warm water and soap.

Before first use, make sure that the product made of plastic does not have any unexpected irregularities or chipping, if any, try to eliminate them (using, for example, a nail file).

Before use, it is necessary to treat the product with an intimate water-based anal lubricant, which will help to avoid discomfort during use, as well as reduce the risk of injury (the occurrence of scuffs and micro traumas of the mucous membrane). Using anything for anal stimulation, make sure that part of it remains outside the body, otherwise, there is a high probability that you will not be able to remove it without medical assistance.

Do not use the product for both anal and vaginal stimulation. This can lead to infection.

Do not use as a lubricant substances on the basis of fat (petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, creams) and others that are not intended specifically for this substance, it can damage both the material from which the product is made and your health. – After use, the product must be treated with warm water and soap.

Do not scald or boil the product.

In online store for adults, you can choose and buy anal stimulant to your taste and in accordance with your sexual desires and material capabilities.

When the question arises about which condoms are best used for anal sex, then, first of all, you need to know what they are made of. For example, in the USA, condoms made of polyurethane are officially recommended for use for anal sex. Their advantages are that they are much thinner than latex ones; therefore, they ensure the preservation of the natural sensations.

In addition, polyurethane condoms can be used with oil lubricants, which is important. After all, the provision of high-quality lubrication is mandatory for anal contact, namely oil lubricants provide the necessary level of slip. Water-based lubricants are much less effective in this regard. But, on the other hand, polyurethane condoms are not as durable as latex. They are much more torn.

As for latex condoms, they are distinguished by relatively high strength, but their use with oil lubricants is unacceptable. Silicone and water-soluble lubricants are used to lubricate such condoms. In this case, silicone lubricant for anal sex is preferable, because silicone dries much slower than water. Sometimes for anal sex use so-called condoms such as “reality”. They differ from traditional condoms in the way they are used. Such condoms are not put on the penis before sexual intercourse but are inserted into the vagina. Their use for anal contact is somewhat difficult due to the difficulties that arise when inserted into the anus. In addition, American experts do not recommend the use of condoms such as “reality” for anal sex.

It is also not necessary to use condoms for anal contact with all sorts of additions in the form of antennae, pimples or ribbing. Simple anal and durable condoms are ideal for anal sex. It is recommended to use condoms even if different sex toys are used for anal stimulation. Usually in the sex shop offers a fairly large selection of condoms for anal sex.

Toys for anal sex, offered by any sex shop, are, as a rule, various imitations of members, having at the base sufficiently large protrusions that prevent them from penetrating too deeply into the anus. Indeed, in the absence of such limiters, there is a risk of losing the toy in the rectum. Toys for anal sex come in a variety of sizes. Sometimes they are supplied with vibrators or air pumps necessary to create a feeling of fullness in the rectum. Toys for anal sex are different from ordinary dildos in that they are not designed to perform too active reciprocating movements, frictions.