Daily Use of Butt Plugs: How Safe Is It?

The anal plug is a toy for the stimulation of the nerves in the anal area of ??men and women. Sex experts recommend newbie to start with small plugs because the sphincter needs time to get used to the stretch. The plug can stay in the “interior” from a few minutes to several hours. The built-in stop is to prevent too deep penetration into the anus.

Users appreciate the Butt Plug as a tool for stretching the sphincter and preparing for anal intercourse. Since the anus is not very elastic and much narrower than the vagina, otherwise it can quickly lead to injuries. Since the sphincter is a normal muscle, it can be trained. The goal is to make anal intercourse painless and pleasurable. For example, the sex toy can also be  worn during vaginal intercourse and serve as an additional stimulant.

Danger to life if the plug pierces the intestine

Risky, it is when, the toy is too deep introduced. If the foreign body cannot be removed rectally, a partial removal of the intestine is necessary in the worst case. If the plug pierces the wall of the rectum, it can even be life-threatening. So if you play with an anal plug, you should do it with feeling and caution and not under heavy pressure.  Many people believe that anal stimulation during masturbation and intercourse intensifies the feeling of orgasm. Expert recommends that you first test the anal stimulation with your fingers. If you like it, you can try for even more flexibility and deeper stimulation on a plug.

Since the perception of anal stimulation varies from person to person, you should be aware of the following when buying an anal plug. According to your personal experience and practice regarding anal stimulation, it is possible to order an anal plug in different sizes. The more experience and practice you have the more intense is the anal stimulation. Always remember to use lubricating cream when using an anal plug as your anus will not produce a natural lubrication gel.

The size is what matters

If you are new to anal stimulation, expert recommend starting with a set of different anal plugs in different sizes. Depending on experience and exercise, you can vary the size of the anal plug and increase it to intensify the sensation of anal stimulation. Another alternative offer anal chain or the so-called beads or beads on a chain, starting with the smallest and then getting bigger. These allow you to slowly start and then gently increase your emotions depending on how deep and full you like it.

 Different forms

Anal plugs come in many different shapes, from the aforementioned beads, to conical, rounded necklaces, to studded, berry-like plugs. When choosing the right plugs, the experience and personal preferences play a major role. The nice thing is, you do not have to decide for a copy because the variety makes it. Try different models and put together a personal selection of Anal Plug, which you can vary according to your mood. There are some anal plugs that let you hook up the most luxurious faux-fur fox tail that you and your partner can play with.

Cone-shaped anal plugs are just as well suited as beads for newcomers, as they allow a simple and variable introduction. As with size, you can increase the level of difficulty with the shape of the plug according to your experience and practice by switching to a rounder plug. To maximize anal stimulation, we recommend trying grooved or grooved plugs. These produce an even wilder and deeper stimulation of the anal pleasure area. Regardless of its shape, each anal plug must always have an end-on safety stop that prevents the anal plug from disappearing into the anus during use. Otherwise you risk a trip to the emergency room.

These safety stops can be suction cups, feet or rings. The benefits of a safety stop in the form of a suction cup are that you can attach the plug thus on any smooth surface and can use without the use of hands. The free hands can thus be used for the stimulation of your partner’s or your partner’s body.

Material and design

Of course, the material and design of an anal plug also plays a significant role in the desired experience so the choice of anal plug should match your personal preferences and interests. For example, opt for a stylish, transparent, gaudy pink or forbidden black plug that matches your setup. Anal plugs are made of silicone, rubber, metal and even wood. The most important element in the choice of material is the smooth, soft and at the same time firm surface, in order to guarantee an optimal stimulation. Silicone is therefore an ideal choice for both beginners and experts as it meets all of these requirements. If the silicone anal plug becomes too soft over time, you can replace it with an aluminum one for example – aluminum also allows you to test different temperatures.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of the anal plug are obvious: he prepares the anal for anal sex and gives pleasure. Does not he have any as long as you have fun with it, you should have it. A note is appropriate at this point: Use your Anal Lug always with enough lubricant. Otherwise, the pleasure quickly becomes a painful nightmare.

Material, texture and feel

When it comes to material, hard, solid and slippery fabrics are always used. It is actually logical. An exception is models to inflate but there are always problems with the introduction of problems. Very noble models are made of metal but usually the Anal Plug is made of silicone. Some have grooves this makes the feeling of insertion even more intense because you feel every single groove and you can already look forward to the last. In recent years, more and more silicone models have come on the market. Who wants to use his anal plug for masturbation, is happy about copies with vibration. They were made for a very intense stimulation.


Like all toys, your anal plug needs care every time you use it. Do you do that you do not go a big infection risk. Rinse your butt plug roughly with water after each use to remove visible dirt. Then you should treat it with a special cleaning lotion for toys so that your toy is really hygienically pure because intestinal bacteria can cause nasty diseases women and certainly some men are sure to know these unpleasant urinary tract infections.

Special features

The anal plug and butt plug distinguish two essential features of a “normal dildo”. One is its conical shape after all; it should be introduced into a very sensitive area. The second is the notch which is made to keep the plug in the back door. In addition, an anal plug is always made of very hard plastic which makes insertion much easier.