Using Vibrators Is Normal and Here’s Why You Should Start Using One

Why are some people bothered by vibrators? Will sex toys ruin your marriage? Are they degrading? Will other people think you are a pervert or sex addict if you use them? 

Today, it’s time to clear up some massive misconceptions regarding vibrators and other sex toys. So keep reading to find out why using vibrators is entirely normal! Here’s why you should start using one!

Helps You Discover What Turns You on Regardless of Whether You Are Single or Not

One of the best benefits of vibrators and other sex toys is that you can use them in so many different ways! They can truly help you discover your sexuality. That is especially true if you use them for solo experiments. 

A vibrator can be the best toy for women. Its versatility is simply unmatched. A woman can use one to identify and discover hidden erogenous zones. If you are experiencing difficulty in reaching the G-spot or clitoral orgasm, vibrators can work wonders. The same goes for men. They can use vibrators for light to intense penile simulation. Moreover, there are many male vibrators for anal exploration as well. Guys can use them to experience prostate orgasms.

Bear in mind that vibrators do not automatically turn you into a dirty slut or a vulgar porn star, despite popular opinion. That is just not true! 

Sexual Stimulation Is Normal and Using a Vibrator Adds to This Experience 

With coupled or solo sex, sexual stimulation is entirely normal and healthy. Using toys like vibrators can only enhance that experience. 

In some cases, couples do not like using their fingers. For additional stimulation, it may feel better to take advantage of toys. Vibrators can provide perfect pulsations and incredibly powerful sensations. 

Couples can experiment with them during foreplay. That includes teasing or oral sex. For instance, a vibrator’s tip can stimulate a woman’s nipples. That can allow women to reach an extreme point of arousal! Vibrators for women can also be used during penetration. What’s more, some girls even prefer a combination of vibrations and penetration. 

If you are against any types of vibrators, just keep in mind that they are helpful tools; there’s no shame in using them. They will only boost your nasty sex experience.

Easier Orgasm

We’ve mentioned that vibrators can genuinely help women or men when it gets hard to achieve a climax.

Overall, these toys contain a vibrating motor on the inside. This motor provides pulsations of different levels. The vibration patterns can vary in terms of speed and strength. What’s more, the female genital area is incredibly delicate. It contains multiple nerve endings. The vibrator can provide pulses that will stimulate most of these nerves at the same time! That is physically impossible to replicate with a penis, hand, tongue, etc.

Unfortunately, many men are unaware of that. In relationships, vibrators sometimes make men feel inadequate or even humiliated. That will depend on the individual and the nature of the relationship. 

However, if you or your partner feel like that, remember that vibrators are there to assist you. They can broaden your sexual limitations. Ultimately, they will enhance your pleasure. For women who take a long time to climax or can’t orgasm during penetration, vibrators are a godsend. However, you should bring this topic up and discuss it with your partner before sex. That way, you’ll make sure you’re on the same page and won’t insult them. 

May Help Improve Your Relationship 

If vibrators can solve a problem in your relationship, you should undoubtedly get one. Many sexual health experts believe that couples have to refresh their bedroom activities frequently. If you have sex the same old way every week, it could become dull. The passion and romance could dwindle if you never change anything. 

That is where a vibrator or any other type of toy will help your relationship. It will introduce something new and exciting to your sex life. As mentioned earlier, couples should discuss it beforehand. You should talk about how the two of you could use the toy first. 

It’s crucial to establish open communication and to discuss any fantasies. Stay open to all sorts of ways to improve your bedroom activities. You could also talk about your fetishes or kinks. For example, lots of couples use vibrators or dildos to replicate group sex. If you’ve always fantasized about threesomes, you could try to replicate a double penetration session with a vibrator. 

What’s more, improving your sexual relationship will also create more intimacy. If you use a vibrator on your spouse or girlfriend, you will get to know their body better. That will make them feel secure and loved. 

Types of Vibrators for Beginners

If your partner is against vibrators due to their phallic shape, there is an incredibly easy solution. Tell them that it’s possible to find vibrating sex toys that don’t resemble any part of the male genitalia! 

The most comfortable and effective types for beginners are usually bullet vibrators. Bullet vibes are incredibly discrete and small. These tiny toys can be highly pleasurable for clitoral stimulation and can make your labia shudder. They are also highly effective for stimulating other erogenous zones. Women who are uncomfortable with using cock-shaped toys should also look into them. 

On the other hand, for penetration, you can find silicone vibrators. They can be phallic, but you can also find alternatives that look like a hard penis. Ultimately, it will depend on your preference. 

What’s more, if you start to research the most intense shot vibrator, you’ll find that there is indeed an endless variety. All sorts of vibrating products are available. You can find vibrators for intense G-spot orgasms. If you prefer a mix of internal and clitoral stimulation, get a rabbit vibe! The variety doesn’t stop there! You could try a vibrating anal sex toy or plugs, intense penis massagers, vibrating cock rings, remote-control vibrators, etc. Overall, it’s all about finding the best toy for you and your needs. 


Now that we’ve assured you that owning a vibrator is normal, you can think about the type you would like the best. But if your partner is still unsure about using vibrators, show them our article. Hopefully, it will persuade them to order one for you. So get a vibrator today, experiment with some of the activities we’ve suggested, and get ready for some body-shaking orgasms!