If people hire their personal shoppers for their clothes, my clients entrust me with all the dirty work. When I say the dirty work, I mean I buy search, order, and deliver their sex toys for their dirty and kinky deeds.

I know it sounds weird, but some people are not just comfortable with buying their own sex toys, but they go wild when they use them. Being a sex coach myself, I advise my clients on what toys they need based on the challenges that they tell me. With this knowledge, I can provide sex tips, guides, and I purchase the toys that would help them with their sexual problems.

To help more people, I launched this website to post the answers to the top questions asked by my clients, so that other people would benefit. Together with my team of writers, we produce content ranging from sex tips, sex toy guides, and recommendations. We also feature stories from our readers on our website and give away freebies, so make sure to check back soon!