Tips From a Pleasure Specialist When Visiting a Sex Shop

As a female pleasure specialist or sex shop store attendant, I’ve seen a lot of strange or even rude people come into my shop. Today, I’ll give you few tips on what to buy at a sex shop and how to behave when you walk in. 

Use these tips from a pleasure specialist when visiting a sex shop, and you’ll make your life and our jobs much easier! 

What Is a Pleasure Specialist?

Obviously, my work might seem strange to some people who have never entered a sex toy store. But, pleasure specialists are incredibly common. Our job is to advise you on the most suitable products for your sex toy needs. And our work is totally different compared to porn, where random “customers” and attendants have sex in an adult store! 

My job is actually quite rewarding. It gives me the chance to help people while still being sex-positive and a bit naughty. As an ex-stripper, I often think about other people’s sex habits. Even though I’ve never had the training to become a sex educator, this job fills me with joy when I help people to find the dirtiest toys based on their needs. Oh, and I happen to love using all sorts of toys in my personal life! This has given me heaps of experience and know-how that I use to advise my customers. 

Actually, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge while working in my store for a few years after originally being employed as a stripper. Sometimes, talking about my job to friends and family can be weird. Still, my inner circle is generally comfortable with it. It certainly helps to have a husband who loves it when I return from work with a haul of new arrivals and juicy goodies! Let me tell you more about how you should buy sex toys in person and how you should behave in an adult store! 

1. Learn What Turns You and/or Your Partner On 

Firstly, I can tell you that too many guys enter my store and buy the weirdest porn-inspired toys that they believe their girlfriends will enjoy. Think over-sized butt plugs, mouth gags, bondage kits, etc. Most of them end up returning the unopened products with sad looks on their faces.

Before you buy anything for your partner or yourself, consider your turn-ons and see which toys you actually need. 

It’s quite possible that your girlfriend only wants a small vibrator or a pair of cuffs. Also, before you spend your money, ask your partner and find out if they’re even comfortable with using toys. I wouldn’t want my husband to surprise me with a pussy pump on our anniversary without asking, and it’s highly possible that your partner won’t either! 

2. Talk to Those Who Are Educated 

Not all sex store attendants are experienced enough to help you. Most of them can be friendly, and they’ll make you feel comfortable in a sex shop. However, they might not understand your actual needs. I can’t blame them since not everyone has the stomach to hear about a customer’s dwindling sex life or their fascination with stainless steel anal hooks! 

However, an experienced pleasure specialist needs to be comfortable with all that. They also need to be aware of their inventory. I like to provide suggestions and offer a few different kinds of sex toys to choose from based on a customer’s needs. If you visit a store, try to estimate whether the attendant is experienced enough to assist you. They shouldn’t just sell you a bunch of dildos like you’re purchasing a bag of bananas!

 3. Do Not Ask “What’s the Best?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this happen! Tons of customers ask me to give them the best toy for their girlfriend, and I can’t help them. There’s no such thing as the “best” sex toy! 

Not all toys work for everyone. Some could feel amazing to one person while they might produce uncomfortable sensations for another. So don’t ask this question in sex stores. 

Instead, ask for the best toy in a category (butt plugs, pocket pussies, etc.). A skilled pleasure specialist should have an understanding of various different models to guide you in the right direction! 

4. Do Not Ask What My Favorite Is

Sex store specialists can also have a tough time with customers invading their privacy. I can’t tell you how many times I got hit on by guys who asked me to provide them with XXL condoms, cock rings, or gallons of lubricant and tell them what I would enjoy the most. So be mindful of “Which toy would you use?” kinds of questions. Try to respect the attendant’s privacy. Just because we work in sex stores doesn’t mean we’re sluts who want to share our intimate moments with you! 

5. Do Not Be Ashamed to Be Here 

Finally, you shouldn’t be ashamed when entering adult stores. I’ve seen people come in wearing huge sunglasses to cover their faces. Elaborate disguises only make my job more difficult. Today, it’s perfectly normal to enter sex stores, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to do so! 

After all, sex and pleasure is your birthright. You shouldn’t care about what other people think of your sexual habits. However, it might be awkward to meet your gardener, boss, or family member inside an adult store (I’ve seen it all!). So just be mindful of your surroundings before you come in. 

That’s It! 

Hopefully, you’ll put my tips to good use during your next visit to a sex toy store. Have fun!