7 Things to Know When Preparing for Anal Sex

Preparation can make a big difference when it comes to anal sex. You don’t want to experience pain, or discover poop or anything nasty like that. There are a few simple steps you can take to make things easier for yourself, and also make anal sex more enjoyable.

Preparing Your Mind for Anal Sex

I’m sure we all remember the first time we had sex. There were a lot of emotions all over the place, and worries about what we should do. The same is true with anal sex, and it is a completely new experience that needs you to do different things.

You can feel all the same worries welling up inside you all over again.

Unfortunately with anal sex, it’s more important than ever to be relaxed. Whatever you decide to use for anal sex (whether it’s a penis, a butt plug, a dildo, or anything else), it will need to pass through the anal sphincters. These are incredibly strong muscles which you normally use to help hold poop inside until you go to the bathroom.

When you have anal sex, you force your sphincters to stretch open. This can be pleasurable, but also painful. Going back to relaxing though, like the rest of your body the sphincters will become more tense when you are stressed, anxious, or worried. This makes it difficult to get things inside your butt!

How to Relax for Anal Sex

It’s one thing for us to tell you to relax, but actually doing it can be quite hard.

We recommend taking a nice long and hot bath (which also helps loosen your muscles), perhaps light some candles or incense, put on some relaxing music and take some deep breaths. Anal sex is really nothing to be scared of.

Stretching Your Butt for Anal Sex

Another important thing you could do to help get ready for anal sex is a little stretching. Penises and sex toys can feel very large, even if they are a smaller size. Inserting these straight away can be difficult, but a little stretching can make it much easier.

The easiest way to stretch your anus out is just by using your fingers. Put some lube on your butt and your fingers, and rest the tip of your finger on your anus. Then gently push it in like you’re pressing a doorbell. You don’t have to put the whole thing in at once, so take your time and don’t hurt yourself!

Once one finger is fully inside, you can try another finger, and another, so you work up to a penis or sex toy in stages. Another great way to stretch it out is by moving your finger in small circles once inside.

Cleaning Your Butt to Prepare for Anal Sex

One of the most important parts of perparing for anal sex is making sure your butt is clean, and you won’t find poop there. It can be very unpleasant and a complete turn off to discover poop during anal sex, so we want to avoid it as much as possible.

The usual way you can clean your butt is to have a shower, but this only works on the outside of your body. If you want to clean properly, you need to get the rectum clean too as this is where the penis or sex toy goes.

If you want a deeper clean, you might want to use an enema.

It is possible that your doctor has advised you to have an enema, which can be lavished with an anal enema pear. In which cases is it useful? How do you use it safely?

Pear anal enemas: what do they do?

An anal enema is intended to evacuate the materials or gases retained by the intestine that cause intestinal pain or constipation. An anal enema pear is a reservoir containing a liquid, connected to a cannula (a small pipe). The cannula is introduced into the anus and then, by pressing on the pear, the liquid is injected into the rectum. The liquid then comes out, accompanied by the materials stuck in the end of the colon. Laxatives can increase the effect of the enema pear by strengthening the contractions of the intestine to fight constipation, by diluting blocked or impacted feces, or by promoting the evacuation of gases.

Pear anal enema: a solution for constipation?

Your doctor may advise you to do an anal enema if you have outlet constipation, that is, when the faeces is stuck in at the end of the colon. You can find in any good pharmacy an anal enema pears, which are easy to use and safe. It is necessary to inject water through the anus into the colon to dilute the material. The effect is almost immediate. For more serious constipation, the enema pear is not recommended, it is best to consult your doctor.

Are you in a relationship and have decided to try sodomy to discover new experiences, new sensations or just to please your partner? Sodomy is an act that requires preparation for everything to go well for both partners.

This is especially true if it’s the first time: Penetrating the anal area is not always easy because many people think of this area as a “dirty” area. To reassure or encourage your partner, you can buy an anal enema pear. It is an accessory that can also be recommended during constipation.

What is an anal enema? Is it mandatory before an anal report? How to properly and douche for anal sex? Where to buy an anal enema pear at the best price? We will answer all the questions you ask yourself, give you some advice and our comparison of the best anal enema pears.

Pear anal enema: should you use one before sex?

The anal enema pear’s main role is to evacuate the materials and gases retained by our gut. Using one before anal penetration will reassure your partner because he will know that this area is of maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

However, it should be noted that, contrary to what one might think, the rectum is generally quite clean and the presence of stool residing on the penis or on the condom remains rare. But it does happen. And it’s really not nice for the person who enters his or her partner. The pear anal enema also prevents the person who is being penetrated from having gas during sodomy which is common but not really glamorous and must be recognized.

The enema pear will help you to avoid all these inconveniences and will reassure your partner because the area will be ultra clean!

Is a pear anal enema compulsory before sex?

It is not mandatory. Apart from the moment when one goes to the toilet, the rectal area is clean. But it is very common that the idea or though of the presence of stool or fecal residue is a brake and puts people off sodomy. Using a pear enema anal can reassure them that everything is clean. However, it should be noted that the use of an enema pear should remain occasional because it can disrupt the balance of the rectal and intestinal flora if it is used too often, and in particular daily.

The answer to this often asked question is therefore no, it is not mandatory but it is recommended. Especially if your partner has a blockage or has had a previous bad experience such as finding traces of residue on the condom for example.

It should also be noted that the enema pear is not just there to reassure the person who enters his partner. It will also have a reassuring role for the person who is penetrated because performing an enema prevents gas during sodomy.

Comparing a selection of the best enema pears

This may seem surprising but there are dozens of different enema pears. To make one’s choice is therefore complex. Do not be tempted to take a low-end model and pay attention to the material. If you do not know which one to buy, here are the two that we think are the best anal enema pears at the moment:

The Bramble anal enema pear

This pear is made of silicone which lets you perform an anal enema gently and without risk of allergy. It does not contain BPA which is a dangerous material for health. Very pleasant to the touch, practical and cheap, this anal enema pear has a capacity of 200 ml. A brush is delivered with the pear for optimal cleaning.

Beauty Molly Anal Enema Pear

You get a low price for high quality with this pear anal enema: It is made of medical silicone which is a pleasant material to the touch and which offers a good grip. Its capacity is 207 ml. You can use it for an anal enema before sodomy but also in case of temporary constipation. It is easy to clean.

How to use the enema pear before anal sex

Have you ever used an anal enema pear and would you like to know more? Here are the steps for a good use of your pear anal enema:

First of all, it is advisable to use water and only water and it must be drinkable in order to avoid any concentration of lime that could irritate your bodies natural balance.
The water should always be warm because if it is too cold or too hot, it can cause inconvenience and damage.
You can now take your pear and fill it with warm water.
Experts advise you to apply a little lubricant on the pear to be able to introduce it more easily, without pains and so that its introduction in the anus is not unpleasant.
Opt for a comfortable position and relax.
Now introduce the tip of the anal enema pear gently.
Once it is in the anus, press the bulb of the pear.
Be careful not to let go.
Now remove the tip of the pear.
Now try to keep the water for a few minutes in your anus until you feel the natural need to let it flow back out.
You can repeat the process several times until the water is clear
As you can see, the use of an anal enema pear is really not complicated.

Result and sensations after an enema

Taking an enema with a pear before anal sex for example may bring many people some relaxation. The feeling of “fullness” when water is introduced is weird but not unpleasant. For others, an enema with a pear may be an integral part of the foreplay and may in some cases be exciting.

There is the practical aspect, reassurance and hygiene. You will not fear the gas incident during sex, your partner will no longer have a brake because he knows that this area is clean, in short it puts you in good conditions for sodomy.

Lubricating Your Butt to Prepare for Anal Sex

The last thing you’ll want to do to prepare for anal sex is some lubrication. You should put plenty inside your anus, and on the penis or sex toy you’ll be inserting. For anal sex, the vast majority of people prefer oil-based lubricant, as it is suitable for use with any sex toy, and lasts a very long time.

One thing to note is that oil-based lubricants break down condoms, so if you’re planning on using a condom in your anal sex you’ll have to use a different kind of lubricant.

You need to make sure lots of lube gets all over the place, including the inside of your butt. If you just put it on the sex toy or penis a lot of it will get scraped off during insertion. If you struggle getting the lube inside you can try a lube syringe.

Anal Sex Stretching

Another small thing that might help you prepare for anal sex is some light stretches. You’ll often have to use different sex positions than normal when doing anal sex, so your body might not be used to it. Some light stretching can loosen up your muscles, and make everything much easier for you.

With all these tips, you’ll be full prepared for anal sex and have a great time!