How to Achieve Anal Orgasm

It’s widely believed that anal sex can produce an orgasm that is different from the regular ones. That goes for both men and women. Guys would even argue that the interaction with their prostate makes for a somewhat longer-lasting and an all-around feeling of sexual satisfaction. But on the other hand, girls reaching orgasms solely from anal sex are a bit rare.

But either way, some action from behind is, without a doubt, a more efficient way to get off. The “damage” is grander, the lust is over the top, and kinkiness spreads like wildfire. It’s just an explosion of dirtiness! Therefore, it’s not so weird that people consider it to be a level above your standard climax.

However, the key to anal orgasm is the fine balance between relaxation and stimulation. It’s like walking on a razor’s edge — the thrill can overcome you, and you can easily fall over. Therefore, patience and responsibility are always the ways to go if you’re up for a safe booty session.

How Is It Different From Regular Orgasm?

Like we’ve already said, anal and standard orgasms are way different. Once it comes to rectal satisfaction, both guys and girls notice the difference in the outcome. The climax is more intense, and the effects are longer.

It’s just a more grandiose experience, so to say — like full-on bass and treble music affair. So let’s just say it packs a punch.

But why is that, you’d ask? Well, it has to do something with the anatomy of the human body. Male’s prostate is more or less a similar body part to female’s Skene’s glands, which closely connect to the G-spot. Therefore, stimulating the guy’s prostate can lead to a better and more intense climax than a classic, penile orgasm.

Contrary to that, girls take a lot more to reach the anal pleasure levels you see in booty porn. The nerve endings in the rectal canal aren’t actually meant for stimulation of this sort. Hence, additional clitoral stimulation or vaginal action is optimal for a girl to go wild with backdoor play. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to pull it off, so a pleasurable experience is bound to happen once you put some effort into it.

Ways to Stimulate Your Anus

Before you go on a full-on ass assault, you should consider getting your body in the mood for such fun. Anal fingering, tongue play, and sex toys are all great ways to stimulate your ass enough so further action won’t be awkward or even painful. So, let’s talk a bit about these three techniques, shall we?

Fingering is probably the most basic way to build up tension in your ass. Only this time, when wesay tension, we mean it in a good way (wink-wink). The whole point is to find the right speed and pressure your finger applies to the rectum. Slowly inserting the tip should be the way to start. Gradually upping the intensity, you’ll soon find the level of action that feels good for you or your partner.

Now, almost the same can be said about sex toys. Slowly building up tension in the erogenous zone, coupled with some dirty talk, should be enough to stimulate you enough for anal sex. Of course, like with all toys, lubrication is a must. Damaging your body in any way is never an option, and playing safe is the foundation of all great sexual experiences. Get to know  more about your erogenous zones with this article from Healthline

On the other hand, when it comes to tongue play, you can’t really play rough, can you? Therefore, when licking, the person doing it should reinforce teasing. Slowly going around the butt cheeks, circling the anus, and gradually dipping their tongue in is perfect for setting the mood.

Using a Prostate Massager

Even if it sounds off, anal play and guys go hand in hand like milk and cookies. The thing is that, as we’ve already mentioned, the prostate works similarly to the women’s G-spot. So understanding that it brings more pleasure than normal penile stimulation isn’t hard at all. Therefore, toys specifically designed for prostate massage are getting more and more popular every year.

Prostate massagers vibrate and, depending on the setting, stimulate the blood flow in the male body — the more blood, the more sensation. That results in the prostate swelling, and it can lead to a weird feeling of having to urinate even if your bladder is empty. It’s because the bladder and the prostate are next to each other.

On top of that, prostate massagers have a generally positive effect on a male’s body. In some scientific research from a few years ago, the use of these devices hugely improves the condition of people suffering from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). So, taking that into account, you have a win-win situation. Not only will some prostate action do wonders for your health, but it’ll also make your orgasms more pleasurable.

How to Get Started With Anal?

Being smart and careful is a must for newbies in the anal game. Preparing yourself the right way, going slowly, and gradually upping the game is essential. So, what are the entry-level basics here? Well, hygiene, protection, and perfect size toys are the pillars of every successful intercourse.

Butt plugs and dilators are a perfect way to start your anal journey. We highly recommend starting with a lot of lubrication and the smallest one you can get. Of course, taking a long shower before is a must, because we all know what lies in the dark of the rectal canal.

So, be patient when you’re starting, don’t overestimate yourself, and you’ll be fine. Safety and caution will be your best friends when it comes to booty play. Did we mention you get to choose from a wide variety of designs? There are even glass butt plugs are available at! However, Buttplug of stainless steel would also look good if you wear that leather outfit of  yours, so choose whichever interests you the most.

Incorporate Other Types of Erogenous Zones

Sure enough, anal play can be great all on its own, but adding additional fun to it makes it even better. Stimulating other parts of your body while playing with your ass is highly recommended, especially if you are a lady. Like we’ve said, girls can achieve anal orgasm, but it’s a lot more pleasurable if there’s vaginal/clitoral stimulation involved.

Anal sex positions offer a lot for couples into rectal intercourse. But, like in porn, you can see that girls tend to either finger their pussy or stimulate it with some sex toy. Also, if pain and discomfort are unavoidable for your lover or you, transferring the pain on some other body part can be useful. For example, introducing nipple clamps and or ear biting can “fool” the body into overlooking what’s actually happening back there.