Signs That You Are a Strong and Independent Woman

Modern, free-spirited, independent, self-confident, and successful — these are the words that describe strong women. And being so strong and self-reliant, they are role models to many other women who admire them. Some don’t understand them, but we sure love them and turn to them for advice for women!

There are many daily battles that independent women face. They support themselves both emotionally and financially, for example. Although they spend most of their time focused on careers, they still find free time for their families. As for their partners, they are usually just as independent and full of self-confidence. They are people next to whom a strong woman can feel safe and appreciated.

It is not true that women have taken away from men a small part of the cake called money and power. They never took away men’s masculinity — they only redefined it. Strong women are still gentle, romantic, and feminine, but they don’t need recognition from others to feel so. Feeling good in their skin, they work on themselves every day, and their happiness does not depend on others. They have found joy in themselves!

You Are Confident in Your Skills

As someone said:” No one said it’s gonna be easy, but it will be worth it!”

A strong woman knows how to turn every flaw into a virtue and an advantage. That is not easy, of course, but trying hard every day makes you feel like a Spartan.

Constant life struggles, both small and big, can disturb one’s life balance, and fighting them is what sets strong women apart from others. They never accept defeat, and they keep perfecting their skills, not acknowledging weaknesses as an excuse.

Women who are aware of their qualities, who know how to be happy and fulfilled even without an emotional partner, are more charismatic than others. Strong and collected, they know how to face life on their own. Because life is not always fairytale, they know how much they are worth and know what true love means. They also know how to give it unconditionally.

You Know Your Worth

If you were lucky enough to have a strong mother by your side, she taught you how much you are worthy and helped set your standards high. However, if she didn’t, it is never too late to do it on your own.

Even nowadays, in the modern age, the struggle between sexes is there. Should a woman wear pants and work or babysit and cook?  These are not feminist views — it’s quite a wide-spread question. We all have the right to work, love, and have that love returned with respect. So, you have to be strong enough to fight prejudices, stereotypes, violence, humiliation, and disrespect. In return, a strong woman knows to be considerate, kind, and assertive.

Knowing your worth isn’t a bad thing and has nothing to do with fighting the masculine gender. It exists for you to know how much you are worth and what your limits and possibilities are.

Know yourself, know your worth. Read more here.

You Seek Respect

It is not nonsense when they say that we need to respect ourselves for other people to respect us. The fundamental characteristic of strong individuals is the ability to choose: it means being able to say “yes” when you want something and “no” when you do not. Therefore, a quality all strong people share is the ability to choose the right job, partner, entertainment, etc.

Strong women have dignity and therefore differ from submissive ones who do not.  They are highly intelligent, regardless of what kind of schools they graduated from and their positions. They do not tolerate lies and deception because their code of conduct does not approve of disrespect for people and themselves.

A strong woman knows about compromise but nurtures her principles. She will not allow you to cross the limit she set. There is no dominance and rivalry here; essential equality in any relationship is possible only through respect. Respect is the only expectation that is not overestimated.

You Support the People Around You

We, women, know how important support is today. Whether it comes from family, a loved one, or colleagues, support is important. That’s why a strong woman has a friendly approach to life. She does not humiliate, she is not grumpy and sharp, but she is a very warm human being who knows how to listen and understand.

Even though you, as a strong woman, seem cold and too ambitious, there is an ethic that you respect. Strong women are human beings, after all. And most importantly, they are women. Independent and determined, but women. They still want love and happiness and the same support they would give to someone.

You Don’t Need a Man

There are misconceptions that strong women are too grueling, and that is why they are alone. No one can deal with them because they are continually fighting for some supremacy — they don’t need a man to make her happy, and she fights for her own.

These women don’t need a man to feel emotionally fulfilled or find pleasure. Their personas are very refined already. That is, they do not give up their life just to chase a partner. Their social lives are rich enough that the very presence of a man is not noticeable.

Women like this know what they want, but they will not humble themselves to get it. Still, they are women, worthy of love and respect. They are not immune to love, and their partner should be confident enough in their abilities, magnificent in winning and dignified in defeat. For independent women, a partnership implies tolerance, understanding, compromise, and equal treatment.