Dressing Room Confessions of a Naughty Personal Shopper

Seeing how sex is such a basic human need, it’s not uncommon to hear how people end up having it regardless of time and place. Most of us don’t need much to turn on the horny mode. If an opportunity comes along, we’ll grab the bull by the horns without thinking of consequences. And sometimes, department stores are the perfect place for surprise sex to happen.

As such, we’re willing to share with you three naughty dressing room confessions of personal shoppers. Moreover, all three had the opportunity to try different things while working as personal shoppers. So hold tight and brace yourselves because it’s going to get hot in a matter of moments. 

All by Myself

“It was one of those days. You know, when you’d rather stay in bed and scroll your Instagram page to death? And no, I’m not a downer. I have my highs and lows, just like everybody else.

At the time, I was working at a department store as a personal shopper, trying to make some money and get out of town. Just like every other Midwest girl, I had dreams of going down South to California. But I was stuck working a dull 9–5 job. We’d mostly have families over, looking for a pair of shoes or a sports jacket. But that day, I was pretty much alone for hours.

My colleague Josh called in sick, so I had to cover for him. He was about my age. I think he used to play football back in high school, but I’m not sure. Either way, he was so handsome. He was strong, tall, and had that smile. Unfortunately, I couldn’t flirt with him because he had a girlfriend. However, that didn’t mean I haven’t thought about him while alone.

And since no one was around, I thought I’d try something out. I picked up my purse, pulled out my trusty friend, and went behind the counter to the dressing room. I used to carry a dildo around with me at the time.

Anyway, I began slowly touching myself all over. You know, slipping a finger or two down my tracksuit. But after a couple of minutes, I couldn’t stop thinking about Josh.

Secretly, I was hoping he’d come in and catch me and fuck my brains out. My red dildo was thrusting so hard that I began to moan so loudly. And in the end, I came so much that I had to change my panties afterward.” — Nadia

She Didn’t Even Suspect a Thing!

“I’m not a shy girl by any means. If anything, I love attention. Usually, I hook up with some guy, but it doesn’t last very long as I’m not looking for a relationship. Either way, my story isn’t about fucking some guy in the restroom of a dirty club. It’s way more interesting than that.

So, I work at a store that sells wedding dresses. There are all sorts of couples coming in, as you’d imagine. From young, beautiful, and full of life to those weird ones, you can’t help but wonder how they ended up together.

And that day, I saw them walk in, and I felt something. The guy was a stud, while she was, well, not to be judgmental, but way out of his league. The bride-to-be wasn’t interested in me. She went straight towards a couple of dresses and began to talk to my coworker.

However, her man was all over me in a matter of seconds. Eye contact and all, I was stunned. And I don’t know what came over me, but I did the same. He was so hot that I couldn’t resist. Being the only man in the shop, I asked him to help me out with some boxes in the storage room. He immediately accepted.

I barely closed the door, and his hands were all over me, caressing my breasts. He wasn’t that large. But at that moment, I couldn’t care less. Damn, it was so hot knowing his bride was there. The way he fucked me tells me she’s a lucky girl. Those few minutes of lust were so good that I can’t help but hope I see them (him) again one day.” — Victoria

Lingerie Lady

“I’m a family woman, happily married with kids. And when I say happily, I mean it. However, this isn’t one of those classic adultery stories you hear about all the time. You know — her hubby’s a bore, so she goes out and fucks another guy. My experience isn’t even about a penis. Oh, no!

I work in a personal shopping service in one of those upscale retail stores in Manhattan. And since it’s such a fancy store, we have personalized dressing rooms that look like the President’s Guest House. Long story short, that’s where I fucked a customer.

It was so weird when I think about it now. Not the sex, but how it came about. She was some big shot banker, really sexy and smart. A bit older than me, so just over 40. That day, she came to buy some expensive lingerie. You know, the ones elegant yet kinky women wear. I let her go try out some pairs she chose, but soon after, she called for me.

I went inside, and she wanted me to try on another pair. That way, she could see what it looks like when someone else is wearing it. Once I did what she said, she began to circle me like a predator. Slowly checking me out, she began to compliment me on my looks. Her voice was so hot I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting wet.

Of course, she knew what she was doing. I bet guys blow their loads as soon as they hear her speak. She slowly began touching my skin, making me nervous. I mumbled something like — “I’ve never done this,” but it was too late. She got her prey. Now I know why lesbians don’t need a cock to have fun.” — Pauline