How to Effectively Organize Your Closet

Some of us are compulsive shoppers. We put our things in the closet and keep on delaying that moment when we need to sort everything out. You know what they say — clutter in the house, clutter in the soul. That should teach us no longer to happen to deposit unnecessary clothes. But alas, most of us are slow learners. That is why we offer you a few ideas on how to start with the big cleaning of your closet. So check out these closet organizing tips; you will thank us later!

The Downsides of a Cluttered Closet

Opening a closet door can be a nightmare for some of us. Many times, clothes, shoes, bags, and other various items are bunched up together. If socks are mixed with dresses or underwear with towels, we will likely waste a lot of time endlessly flipping and overturning things to find what we’re looking for. And, of course, it will lead to delays and unplanned situations.

Say that you accidentally spill coffee on your shirt while rushing to work in the morning. Naturally, you’d look for a replacement, but if you can’t manage to find one in your mess of a closet, you’re likely going to be late. Does not even being able to find a matching pair of socks sound familiar?

Sort and Declutter

Yes, every woman’s headache is tidying up the closet! However, we have to get to it eventually, for our own sake.

The first advice on our how-to-organize-clothes list is to get rid of old clothing you no longer use. If you haven’t worn something for more than a year, it’s likely you won’t wear it the next one as well. So feel free to give it away, trash it, or sell it.

Then, organize each category into short and long sleeves, followed by dresses and sweaters. Keep all skirts and pants separate. Jackets also warrant their own pile. Skirts and shorter T-shirts are a fantastic addition to some lower shelves. Or simply organize your wardrobe by season!

Thoroughly Clean Your Closet

It’s not enough just to tidy up your clothes; you must do the same with the closet. Begin by taking everything out. That will allow you to clean it thoroughly, so use the vacuum cleaner and wipe with a cloth.

You can use some mild detergent for scrubbing some tougher dirty spots. Once you clean your closet, you’ll be half-way done! That means your clothes are ready to return to the fragrant and clean shelves. And for extra freshness, you can add a few pillows with the scent of lavender.

Think About the Design

It is vital to organize your closet so that everything is easily accessible. Arrange things so that you get as much space as possible. Whether you include decorative boxes and pack smaller items like socks and underwear is entirely up to you.

Try a variety of shelf compartments, and adjust the hanging bar’s height to get enough space. Firstly, you need to provide a sufficient number of hangers and boxes to organize efficiently. Make sure your closet looks spacious because you will need all the space you can get — I’m sure of it!

Stack Thick Items

Winter clothes and jeans can sometimes take a lot of space, especially if you don’t pack them correctly. If you have more pairs of jeans, stack them on top of each other and try to pack them so that everything is visible. Stacking folded bulky sweaters on open shelves will clear out a ton of space in your closet. So save yourself a precious drawer and hanging space by doing that.

These items make perfect stacks for your shelf space because they’re sturdy and thick. They won’t slump, crinkle, or lose their shape when you stack them. On the other hand, you can pack winter or off-season clothes in vacuum bags. That is an excellent solution to save space and protect your clothes from moths and dust.

Roll the Ts and PJs

Nightgowns, pajamas, and T-shirts are usually made of cotton or some other lighter material. That means they will not change shape or get damaged if you roll them slightly. You can also do that with leggings, any polyester item, and even cotton socks as well. It is imperative how you pack them. Each packed piece of clothing has to have the same width and, if possible, pack it with rope to save space. But if your supply of free drawers is low, try to pack all the small things in transparent boxes and leave the drawers for these larger things.

Organize by Color

This method may look childish, but it works! Most people own a substantial number of T-shirts, undershirts, and shirts in various colors, so it is much easier to find your way around the closet if your organization is matched by colors. Additionally, your closet will immediately look much tidier if you follow this organization pattern. And not just tidy, but beautiful as well. You will instantly know where to look for a particular item due to color-coding. And if you arrange different shades by hue, you’ll just further enhance your organization efforts.

Invest in Drawers for Shoes and Jewelry

Shoes and jewelry are something you don’t change often. At the very least, they should serve you well for multiple seasons. One of the ways you can organize your closet is to designate jewelry drawers and insert soft cushions with slits in them to stack rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

That will not only give you the necessary orderliness but will help your jewelry not get tangled. It is most practical to put your shoes in shoe racks, but there are other possibilities if you lack space. Put your footwear in transparent boxes and arrange them in the closet. That way, you will easily manage when you need a pair that you don’t wear every day. Another option is to write on the boxes which shoes they contain or even stick their photos on the lid.