The Perfect Gift for Your Man — Prostate Orgasms

Do you want to surprise your man? Do you want to blow his mind and change his world? Then stick a finger up his ass!

While we’re not entirely serious here, providing your man with all types of pleasure that you can give is a major turn on. It will most definitely rock his world. Of course, we were kidding about the part where you go to town on his ass without properly discussing it beforehand. 

Trying to give your partner a hands-free prostate orgasm or engaging in any anal play will surely spice up your sex life. However, doing so without any heads-up might cost you your relationship. At the very least, it will definitely ruin your sexy times that night!

It’s a common myth that only women get to experience several types of orgasms. Men can also enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in many ways. However, unlike the female orgasm, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding the male orgasm, especially if it’s prostate-related. 

Prostate play is the pastime of openminded men. Unfortunately, for some dudes, even an external prostate massage is too much. They’ll even call it derogatory names like the gay prostate orgasm or even shemale prostate orgasm.

Communication is Key

Look, if your man doesn’t want to give you access to his Forbidden Kingdom, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t force him or change his mind if he’s stubbornly refusing pleasure. But, you can still approach him with the idea.

As we mentioned, some men aren’t really open to the idea of anything going into their butts. To them, that’s strictly a one-way street. If your man falls into this category, then you might have a long road ahead of you. 

Communication is critical here. You need to be able not only to approach your man with the idea but also explain why you think that it would be good for him. You’ll have to educate him on the wonders of the gland he keeps hidden away from your gentle caresses.

Once you breach this topic (carefully and with plenty of understanding), you’ll see if your man is open to anal sex. If he is, you’ll also know if he’s open to various sex toys that might make the journey to the prostate orgasm easier or quicker. 

What Does a Prostate Orgasm Even Feel Like?

To be able to properly communicate with your partner about letting you give him this incredible gift, you need to know all the facts. First of all, like any good salesperson, you need to know what you’re selling.

You need to know what a prostate orgasm feels like so you could describe it to your partner and educate him on what he’s missing out on. Of course, if you have a receptive partner or a partner that’s already tried some form of anal play, you won’t need to persuade him or explain the concept of prostate orgasms to him.

Men rarely experience full-body orgasms if they’re only stimulating their dicks. Therefore, a prostate orgasm might change not only their world but also their view of sex. Try to communicate that while you’re talking and make sure he knows you want to give this gift to him to make him happy. By extension, seeing him happy and satisfied will also be beneficial for you.  

Starting the Mission — Finding the Prostate Gland

Now, most men need to be eased into anal play. Therefore, make sure that your partner is relaxed. The best idea is that you have a shower together. That way, he’ll be able to clean the road for you (to his butt), and the surrounding area’s muscles will relax. Massaging the perineum as well as his lower back also isn’t a bad idea.

Unlike its female counterpart, the prostate is quite easy to find. You can even stimulate it from the outside. Try to gently press on the taint to ease your man into the ordeal and see if he actually likes any stimulation other than penile. 

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra and is stationed between the bladder and the base of the penis. That means that you won’t be looking for it for too long. Once you have sunk two to three inches into the anal canal, curve the finger toward the penis, and you’ll be able to find it quickly.

Given that the prostate is a gland, it has a different structure than the surrounding tissue. Therefore, you’ll feel it under your fingertips as a fleshy little knob. Once you find it, press on it and see what happens.

Stimulating the Prostate With Your Fingers

The best way to try first-time anal play is with your fingers. Your man might be just a tad overwhelmed if you try to stick a butt plug inside of him on his first try. 

Once you have got your finger inside your man’s anus, give him some time to adjust to the intrusion. Then try gently pressing onto the gland.

There are several different types of strokes that you can try to get an orgasm out of him. When it comes to coming, you know as well as anyone else that consistency in pressure is the key. So, keep that in mind no matter which stroke technique you use.

The most famous prostate stimulation technique is definitely the come-hither. It’s an ideal setup for reaching and continually stimulating the prostate. Of course, make sure that you’re curling your finger toward the penis and building a nice rhythm.

Besides this one, you can also try touching the prostate as if you’d be ringing a doorbell—alternate putting and taking the pressure of the prostate and gently increasing the speed as you go. Later on, you can also try to directly stimulate the prostate without giving your man any time for a reprieve. If it gets too much, try circling the prostate without actually stimulating it directly. That will keep him interested and panting for more.

Relying On the Trusty Prostate Massagers

Adding vibrations to the mix can only make things better, right? What’s more, it is always nice not having to do something manually if you don’t have to!

We kid, we kid. But, using a prostate massager or another type of a sex toy to bring your man to a mind-blowing prostate orgasm is a great idea. Unlike your fingers, the toys were actually made to go on an exploratory mission in the ass, which means that they might be the more comfortable solution. 

Not to mention that no matter how much you try, you can never provide the consistency (not to mention the vibrations) of a machine!

If you’re pleasuring your man with a toy, make sure to choose a position that will allow for best penetration while also keeping him comfortable. If he’s a total novice, let him get on his stomach with one knee hiked up, or on all fours. Of course, if your session runs for long, then being on his hands and knees won’t be as comfortable after a while. If you both get fidgety, try lying on your sides.

A Few Parting Words

Ultimately, no matter how hard you try, some men simply don’t like anal play. Others, however, adore it. Still, considering that it promises a fantastic payoff, it’s worth the good old college try at least. Anal play is exciting, and it definitely won’t be boring. If your man likes it, who knows, maybe in a month or two, you will move on to pegging.