Personal Shopping Service of Retailers From Different Price Points

For a long time, choosing a dress for a dinner party or a pair of shoes that go well with that suit you want to wear at a friend’s wedding was left to you. The service of a personal shopper was considered to be a thing for rich people.

Luckily for you, it isn’t anymore! It’s free, and it’s fun. You should know that many stores out there offer these services, and there are a lot of well-dressed and professional people who can now help you decide or push you in the right direction when it comes to buying clothes.

The service is straightforward to use — you call the store, ask for an appointment with the stylist, and then tell him or her what you’re looking for. They find the items that might please you.

There are many retailers with personal shoppers. Here are a few suggestions on where you can experience this kind of shopping.

Saks Fifth Avenue

You’ll love the incredible Saks Fifth Avenue personal shoppers. There are several enormous private rooms that come with separate changing rooms. Each one comes with a sofa for your friend or perhaps an entourage. You could even be so lucky that they place you in one of the rooms at the very end of the hall, so you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

After you get comfy in your personal changing room, your stylist will ask questions about your favorite designers and pieces. You’ll be asked about your lifestyle needs, where you work, what kind of parties you go to, what kind of people you usually mingle with, and so on. For your convenience, your stylist will find five to ten looks with matching shoes, jewelry, and other accessories and patiently wait until you try them all.

There are big-name designers at Saks, and shopping there is certainly for high-end spenders. However, you don’t have to walk away with a wardrobe that will empty your account. You can mix and match designers to get the best result for you and your wallet.

If you are not looking to buy clothes, you can also make appointments for cosmetics and jewelry, and they even have makeup artists available upon request.


No matter whether you are looking to buy clothes, holiday gifts, or equipment for a short trip, the personalized service provided by each Macy’s personal shopper is there to help you find whatever it is that you need. During the pandemic, Macy’s shopping guide offers online appointments and virtual shopping. You can have your stuff delivered via curbside pickup or pick up in-store. You get a huge 20% discount on anything you buy at your first appointment, and there’s no minimum purchase amount.

They offer shopping guides for anything from holiday stuff to underwear, or you can catch up with their latest trend guide. You can get help with new outfits, finding a gift for a loved one, decorating your home or restyling your closet entirely.

For fashion trend guides, you might want to visit Cosmopolitan site for it.

Since Macy’s offers a mid-tier shopping experience, a personal shopper at Macy’s won’t make you feel less important if you are not wearing a million-dollar dress. The place also lacks the drama and the flashiness of other fancy places. For shoppers seeking alternative ways to pay, Macy’s has announced a partnership with Klarna, which will allow customers to pay in four interest-free installments for the holidays.


When you decide to make an appointment at Nordstrom, you are free to choose 30 minutes, one, or two hours with your stylist. They have an option for makeup and wedding and an online stylist service that creates custom style boards for you, and it’s all free. After you book your appointment online, you’ll receive an email with 19 questions about your sizes, needs, styles, and designers you like. 

Nordstrom has added an option to Try Before You Buy with Nordstrom Trunk Club. The idea is to find head-to-toe outfits, take a quick style quiz, and the staff will pack you a trunk of clothes. You can keep what you love and send the rest back.

If you decide to go in person and make an appointment, your Nordstrom personal shopper will usually prepare seven pairs of shoes, about a dozen pairs of pants, and two dozen tops. After you give your feedback, you will be brought more stuff to try on.

Nordstrom has a great return policy, so you’ll definitely want to try on a lot of stuff. They now offer a weekly recent purchases thread and encourage people to brag about the items they purchased, bags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, etc. 

Nordstrom is famous for its cheap articles, but you can spend more than fifty bucks on items there too. It is a good place for people who need to broaden their horizons a little.

Why Do Stores Have Personal Shoppers

We have lived our lives completely wrong all this time. There was a beautiful word of personal style assistants right before our eyes, and there are people who have used this privilege all these years. Just imagine having that feeling of someone who is a professional stylist choosing the best clothes for you and having your horizons broadened with items they discovered.

There are many reasons you should treat yourself to this shopping service. First and foremost, why not use it when it’s free? Second, there is something special in that pampering feel when you have your own assistant running around and trying to please you. Yes, you’re allowed to say it — you will finally feel like a rich and famous person. 

This kind of shopping will definitely help you develop your style or change your look for the better. It can even get you that little extra confidence you need to ask someone out. Besides, you can become a regular shopper at some store and give a chance to their stylists to learn your preferences and become better at choosing the best outfit for you. Returning customers are something every store manager dreams of, so it’s a win-win.

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In the end, you have nothing to lose if you try this amazing service. You may even learn something about your own preferences and style.