Myths About the Personal Shopper

What’s the difference between a personal shopper and a stylist? Do you always have to buy something from personal shoppers, or can you simply back out and choose something else? If you’re thinking about hiring a personal shopper, you should know that there are several myths about them that could impact your decision. So keep reading for a breakdown of some of the biggest myths about personal shoppers!

The Personal Shopper Is a Stylist

One of the biggest misconceptions people have regarding personal shoppers is that they get hired to buy things for you and improve your style/looks. However, this is actually the role of the personal stylist.

While stylists can assist you with fashion/style decisions and curate your wardrobe, personal shoppers have an entirely different job. They can help you to minimize stress while shopping and save time. Moreover, personal shopping professionals can point you in the right direction. That means they’ll guide you to choose from many different options for clothes and goods that may suit you. They also keep up with the latest trends, prices, and sales.

What’s more, shoppers do not provide a fully collaborative experience. When you’re buying things this way, shoppers can give you lots of relevant options. However, there’s always a chance that they may not fully understand your needs/tastes, which is a fashion stylist’s job.

Additionally, shoppers take a different kind of commission for their services. This means that your relationship with them will be much more transactional compared to the long-term collaboration you’d get by hiring a personal stylist. So it’s time to stop confusing shoppers with personal stylists or even assistants!

Nevertheless, many buyers prefer to hire professional shoppers. For one, it doesn’t take that much time to build a relationship. You simply need to know what you want, get some suggestions from your personal shopper, and have them purchase clothes or other items for you.

You Need to Be Rich

This common myth is probably something that everyone has in mind when hearing the words “personal shopper.” Most people think that shoppers are only used by wealthy celebrities, athletes, pop stars, fashion industry moguls, and similar. Also, many believe that personal shoppers only buy luxury goods from high-end brands. However, that’s simply untrue, and common folks can definitely afford a personal shopper.

Typically, the prices depend on the type of shopper, your location, and the goods that you’re purchasing. Some can work on commission, while others could have a set fee or charge hourly rates. If you use personal shoppers in big department stores like Macy’s, their services are actually free. Conversely, a private shopper could charge around 10% or more for their commission. They could also include a fee of $10 or higher. It’s also possible to hire overseas shoppers who find tax-free goods at bargain prices.

Regardless of the type of shopper, the service is not what you’d call cheap. Still, many people can afford it, and it’s not only intended for the rich and famous. In the end, it can work out because shoppers can help you to save money on various products by finding the best deals.

You Need to Buy Something

Like we’ve said, you could find a personal shopper in most large department stores, or you could consult with one online. Since shoppers can offer many options, it’s normal that people will feel pressured to purchase something. You may think that you always have to buy something since the shopper has dedicated their time to you. Yet, this is also a myth. In reality, talking to a shopper doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend your money instantly.

Basically, personal shoppers have a job like everyone else. They have to be helpful and polite to anyone who contacts them. That means they should also expect their clients to back out and change their minds, just like any other employee in the retail business.

If you are interested in a product, you can simply chat with them first to see what they can do for you. Of course, if you’re talking to a personal shopper at Macy’s or other stores/boutiques, remember that they work for regular salaries. You may have to schedule an appointment to see them. However, they won’t charge you for their services.

When it comes to private personal shoppers, they could also consult with you before you spend any money. That’s especially true if you’re looking for unique items and big bargains. If they can’t satisfy a client and find the desired goods for a good price, there’s no shame in backing out.

They Always Know Better

It’s easy to believe that shoppers have more experience than you and that their tastes are much more refined. However, that’s not always true. As mentioned, shoppers can steer you in the right direction and offer you multiple options and alternatives for your chosen product. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they know your tastes better than you.

Like we’ve said, your relationship with them is much less collaborative compared to personal stylists. They will not know your long-term fashion tastes, for example. That means the end decision is always up to you. While you should always consider their advice, you can always turn down their recommendations or suggestions. It’s possible that a shopper could misunderstand your needs and offer you something that’s vastly different from the product that you really want to buy. If this is the case, it’s obvious that they don’t know your tastes, and you can simply hire someone else or tell your personal shopper that you don’t like their recommendations.


Today, we’ve cracked some myths regarding personal shoppers so that you’ll get a better understanding of their services and offers. As we’ve said, using personal shoppers can help you save time and money, and it can also calm your nerves. So hire one today and good luck with your next purchase! If you want to become a personal shopper, start your class here.