Make Sex More Interesting Even When You Are in a Long-Term Relationship

Always practicing the same poses, the same sexual routine, and boring, predictable scenarios awakens a boring grump in us. The worst part is, we may choose to focus on all other aspects of life but sex. That, my friends, is a bad call.

When you follow the same sex tips with the same person for a long time, the spark may begin to wane, and the sheets may cool down. Do you want to know how to reignite passion? We are here to help you!

Forbid Sex in the Bedroom

Since couples who have been in a long-term relationship rarely get out of their comfort zone, that can diminish their spark over time. If the bed is the only place you have sex, the situation is getting critical.

That’s why you need to re-explore every corner of your house that can function as a viable place to have sex. And not just the house! There are so many exciting places to try, so don’t fret from such an exciting idea. Let your imagination run wild. In the woods, in the elevator, at the cinema, in the laundry, on the stairs — all is fair game! You can even surprise your loved one while cooking Sunday lunch. Does the kitchen desk sound fun?

Check In at a Hotel Nearby

Ooooh, yes. There is something magical in these hotel rooms! The hotel is the symbol of a place for secret meetings modeled on many movies. Then, just remember how many hot scenes were filmed in some similar hotel rooms. There you have it — away from home and household worries. Let the fun begin!

Clean linen and furnished bed! At home, you have to take care of that, but here, the hotel staff does it. Exhibitionism in action? Have you always dreamed of someone watching you during sex but never dared to indulge in such practice at home? In a hotel room, you can afford it! Spread the curtains and enjoy!

Incorporate Sex Toys

Openness and honesty has a bunch of advantages for all relationships, especially regarding ​​sexuality. So don’t hesitate to share your hidden sexual desires with your partner. If you want to create a hot atmosphere in the bedroom, start using sex toys!

Sexy toys are fun; they can give a little boost to a relationship and help keep things from becoming monotonous. If you use sex toys together with your partner, you can get closer because such a new, mutual experience is incredibly intimate.

Also, you can experience better, stronger, and longer orgasms, which is always an excellent thing! Although “toys” are mostly used for solo sex, many couples enjoy using them together!

Make Foreplay Great Again

Foreplay has both a physical and an emotional purpose, helping both the mind and body prepare for sex. But to genuinely enjoy sex after marriage, in particular, we have to stop thinking that reaching orgasm is crucial.

After spending years with someone in a relationship, people somehow start skipping the foreplay. They go straight to the point. That can be interesting for a while, but when you are a long-term couple, you need to show devotion.

Touch is an essential component. Explore your bodies as if you don’t know each other. Talk about your erogenous zones, and let your partner show you what he likes best. See these new foreplay ideas from Glamour.

Send Dirty Texts

So who wouldn’t want to get a juicy message after a hard and stressful day?! Everyday life makes us tired, worried, and we sometimes forget about intimate life. What you can do to break the monotony is send your partner a few dirty messages throughout the day. You will tickle his imagination, and he will rush back from work to start an adventure with you! Still, if you are too shy to try with some naughty words, you can remember some hot scenes you experienced together and evoke them in the messages. You will deepen the trust and intimacy between you. Also, don’t forget to encourage your partner — after all, sex with him is what you want.

Watch Porn Together

If you haven’t practiced it before, now is an excellent opportunity to try it! Keep in mind that the entire point is not to feel bad because you don’t look like the actors on screen. It is that you experience passion in an entirely different way.

Watching porn is a fantastic way to get in the mood; you can even see what preferences your partner has, or maybe they could even tell you. Start researching sites until both of you find specific genres and actors that you will like. If it doesn’t work, at least you will laugh and have fun. And then, make your own scene!

Don’t Change Clothes in Front of Each Other

This point applies to couples who are married or in a long-term relationship in particular. We are not saying that you should hide and run away from each other when changing clothes. But leave the beauty of that moment of undressing for when you have time for intimacy.

Also, if you abstain from observing your partner undress, you will get more motivation and pleasure from doing it yourself when the time comes. On the contrary, if you walk around each other naked too often, at first, it will be exciting, but then, you will get used to it, and it will lose half of its charm.

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