I’m so happy that I decided to try butt plugs! Not only have I loved all the practices, but it gave me a reason to set time aside for myself and really connect with a deeper side of my femininity and helped me feel sexy more often. – Donna

After my second child I thought I’d lost my libido forever! I bought my first ever anal plug and it kick-started my libido again, it totally changed the way I relate to and enjoy sex and my body. I feel like such a yummy mummy!



I am at the receiving end of a wonderful turn of events.

My girl friend has always been very creative and inventive in her lovemaking.

Since she has practice religiously with her anal plugs she has given me these incredible lovemaking sessions. She is now able to bring me to climax and herself to orgasm with almost no body movements from either one of us. She can do this at will solely with pressure along my shaft. This has become one of our new games.



I had pretty much given up hope-I mean after one hard childbirth and a year of diapers and pills, I was living a life that I no longer enjoyed.  I tried Kegel exercises, but the motivation to do them was hard to keep when they are such a drag and don’t work without a draconian effort.  A friend told me about the butt plugs, and this was the tool I needed to boost my spirits and take action.  Exercising with the lovely toys gave me the feedback I needed to keep going, and feel my progress directly.  They have awakened me to a new enjoyment of my health and capabilities. I now know I didn’t have to accept my condition as an inevitable part of aging-I am in charge.  Having the right tools was a very necessary step to making the difference in such an important , no, central part of life!  I feel my youth and pleasure returned, and I am free to do what I love.



If you told me not so long ago that I would have that many orgasms and that my lovemaking experiences would take this turn, I would have said dream on.

I can now control my orgasms and nearly have them happen at will.

This has done so much for me, I am grateful



My husband said, ” I love these contractions you make with your love box”

He went on to compare this to my luscious mouth.

It is worth all the effort I put into it.